10 best hair straighteners for sleek hair with minimal heat damage


Whether your hair is thick, thin, curly or wavy, keeping your hair sleek and straight can seem like an impossible feat.

Sometimes it only takes an hour of humidity and sun to put a kink in your style, no matter how careful you are, which is why choosing the right hair straighteners is so important.

A simple pair of heated plates isn’t enough to make a good pair of straighteners. Temperature and heating time also need to be taken into consideration for the sake of hair health. As different hair types have different requirements, it also helps if a device gives you some control over the temperature settings.

Modern straighteners are often multifunctional – so there’s no need to settle for just straightening your hair when you could find a tool that curls and waves too. Technology has also advanced over the past few years, introducing cord-free devices and features that reduce heat damage.

To put a range of hair straighteners to the test, we tried out each pair over the course of a few days. Rather than just straightening, we experimented with various styles in different weather conditions and occasions.

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