8 best root touch-ups to see you through to your next hair appointment


Anyone that colours their hair will relate to the “what to do in between my colour appointment” dilemma. While you try and lengthen the time from one salon appointment to the next, unfortunately you can’t control the greys from sprouting and more often than not, it’s usually around your hairline that colour begins to fade, which is hard to hide. Well, not anymore. There’s a new age of hair retouchers that instantly cover those dreaded roots – with a quick spritz, brush or sprinkle, your hair can look well-coloured every day.

The trick to easy application according to top hair colourist Mel Pellegrini, is to scrap your hair back tightly and draw, powder or spray directly around the hair line. Then loosen hair and section off into quarters, and apply retoucher directly on the roots of your hair. Take extra care to avoid colouring your scalp if you’re planning on wearing your hair up as it’s a sure giveaway.

If you’re concerned about controlling the colour and the force of the nozzle, sprays can be spritzed onto tissue first and then dabbed directly on to hair. Powders and crayons are a bit more precise and are particularly good for highlighted hair or those with an unsteady hand.

To divide the good from the bad, we considered how easy they were to apply, if they withstood wet and humid weather, how long they lasted and the final look they gave. Here’s the ten root touch-ups that have earned their place in our roundup

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