About TheKukusNest

 TheKukusNest is 100% women owned and operated beauty brand. Our patented curls are chemical free, stress-free, affordable and designed with the highest quality synthetic fiber for women who wear protective hairstyles.

My Story

I’m Kuku Rose and I am serial entrepreneur. I have been in the beauty supply business since 2004 and branched out in 2012 which led to “TheKukusNest”.

In 2013, I moved back to Liberia, opened my first store, ran my business in Liberia for a year, bought two properties and returned to the United States.

In 2017, one of my girlfriends challenged my cooking skills and that was the birth of the

Kuku’s pepper sauce and Kitteley sauce (A herbal seed grown in Liberia).

All things beauty has always been a passion of mine therefore, in 2019 before graduating college, I began researching the beauty industry more and this led to the birth of “Kuku’s Beauty Supply” store in Washington DC.

We can be found on the following social media platforms @thekukusnest and @kukusbeautysupply: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, SNAPCHAT, GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, TWITTER, TIKTOK, PINTEREST