How to cut your hair at home if you’re still shielding


Cutting your own hair at home is nobody’s first choice, but during lockdown it’s been inevitable for many people who couldn’t wait for their next appointment at the hairdressers.

The prime minister Boris Johnson announced on 23 June that hairdressers will be allowed to re-open in England from 4 July. The guidance is part of the next stage in the government’s plan to lift lockdown, as pubs, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, galleries and museums will also be allowed to open from this date.

However, those who are shielding in the UK have been asked to continue to do so until 1 August, when the rules relax. Shielders will be allowed to meet outdoors in groups of up to six from 6 July, but visits to the hairdressers will still be off the table for another month.

If you’re one of the 2.2 million people who are shielding in England and can’t wait another month to tidy up your locks, read our guide to cutting your hair from home, with advice from the hairdressers themselves.

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Far from simple, many hairdressers have trained for years to master the skill and hairdresser and founder of Buller & Rice, Anita Rice, advises it’s not a decision to take lightly. “I definitely don’t recommend anyone trying to cut their own hair. Nearly 100 per cent of the time it doesn’t come out how you imagined,” she told The Independent.

But if desperate times call for desperate measures, there are steps to take that can help you avoid disaster.

“Use small blades ie nail scissors; the smaller the blade, the smaller the mistake. For long hair trims, plait your hair to one side over your shoulder, tie a hairband one inch up from the very ends so you can see all the ends in one bunch, then hold the hairband and make small vertical snips (by doing vertical snips you will lessen your chances of cut lines). Once you feel you have trimmed all of the longest pieces undo the plait and repeat on the other side.”

Her advice for cutting shorter hairstyles is to proceed with caution, as it’s much harder to get right. “Don’t get too scissor happy, hang in there. Have a go at the edges/sideburns and back of the neck, if these are kept tidy you will be amazed how long you can leave the rest.”


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